Amazing Vase Number 7


Vase Description

Handmade Vase from recycled glass bottles. The motive is rows and the colors are brown and light green

Vase Attributes:

Weight: 645 g

Diameter: 7.7 cm

Height: 19.6 cm

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The Vase is a Handmade Stained Glass Vase. The materials used are from Recycled Glass Bottles and other Recycled Glass items.

Possible Uses Of The Artifacts.

The Vase can be used:

  • as a flower vase.
  • can be situated above your fireplace.
  • can be situated at the center of your kitchen table.
  • used as a decorative item as well in any place you feel it belongs.

The vases are versatile objects, and you can use it in many ways, the limit is the sky and your imagination.

Additional information

Weight 0.645 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 19.6 cm


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